Health Equity Now: Ending Police Violence

A Shadow Conference | Monday, Nov. 12, 2018 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Centro de La Raza | 2004 Park Blvd, San Diego

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Join Us: Tickets are free but please register through Eventbrite so we can get an accurate headcount for the event.

Donate: This session is organized by volunteers and your donation will help cover the costs of the event and bring amazing speakers.  

These speakers will include:

  1. Alex Vitale, author of The End of Policing

  2. Steve Osuna, CSULB, Historian of LAPD

  3. Aundrey Jones, UCSD, Ethnic Studies 

  4. Pedro Rios, American Friends Service Committee

  5. Asantewaa Boykin, Anti Police-Terror Project

  6. Willie Thomas, Justice for Steven Rosenthal campaign

  7. Mark Anthony Clayton-Johnson, Frontline Wellness Network, Justice LA

The national crisis and shame of law enforcement violence has been under-addressed by the public health field for too long. While some steps have been taken, it is still a challenge for our field to know how to be part of the solution. What will it take and what do public health professionals need to mobilize in our work and institutions?

On November 10-13th, thousands of public health professionals will attend APHA in San Diego. In the spirit of the conference theme - Health Equity Now - this alternative session will provide perspectives from critical researchers and community justice movements about how ending law enforcement violence is essential to achieving health equity. This will be a space to reimagine and redefine public health frameworks for investment/divestment in policing; to understand community power and community safety approaches; and to discuss the role of public health infrastructure in shifting conditions of law enforcement violence and mass incarceration.

This “shadow session” on Monday, November 12th from 1pm to 4pm will be at the beautiful Centro Cultural de la Raza, 10 minutes from the APHA conference center. We have chosen to hold this session outside of the conference complex in a community space to shift and decolonize the tone of the meeting, and to honor the ongoing trauma experienced by and movements led by community members and activists.

This session is organized by volunteers. It is free, and donations are needed and welcome to help bring our panelists to San Diego and cover the costs of the event.

The session is inspired by a resolution brought to the APHA Governing Council for the 2018 conference:

In watching APHA react to previous efforts to pass this resolution, we have realized there are many in our own field who are interested in addressing law enforcement violence, but are seeking more concrete tools for mobilizing in our field. We will be posting updates about speakers, transportation recommendations, ways to support, and accessibility information on this page as well as our website and on the Facebook event page [link].  If you would like to get involved or support in other ways, please contact